Monday, December 1, 2008


Have you ever taken a minute to think about how cattle will stand outside in the snow, in the rain, in the heat, and never complain? Well, before this trip home for Thanksgiving, I hadn't either. I have a new found respect for cattle. And several other things. Yes, don't worry: I am going to share what "other things" entails.

I have a new respect for The Day After Thanksgiving shoppers that do not act like a herd of cattle and run over the store manager. The polite, calm shoppers. Like my Mom and Dad, who bought us an early Christmas present on Friday. A Sony Blue Ray player. And yes, Dennis picked out that gift. It'll probably be unwrapped and set up before we get our suitcases out of the car tonight.

I have a new respect for football games. Really. I do! Even though it was a devastating loss to KU, the MU/KU game at Arrow Head was so much fun. It snowed the entire time and we each wore ten more layers of clothing than normal. Dennis even bought his second pair of Long Johns for the game. I think he bought the first pair when we were in Columbia last year for Christmas.

I have a new respect for paper maps. They come in handy when Dennis thinks he can outsmart Mr. Garmin.

I have a new respect for family and friends. We spent our first Thanksgiving in Missouri this year (we usually stay in town and visit with the Martins) and Dennis survived the 60-some person reunion. It was actually a smaller turn out that usual, but I think that was probably good for Dennis' first visit. I realized that my cousins, aunts, and other family members are actually cool. Well, let's not go too far. They are at least normal. I never realized that before! Even my two cousins that Kelly and I nicknamed Pee-Pee and Poo-Poo were nice to visit with. It was weird.

AND, my little niece Georgia, is absolutely beautiful. Megan isn't really my sister, but we've been great friends for so long and she feels like a sister. And that makes her daughter my niece, so there. It was great meeting her for the first time and I cannot wait to see her again.

I have a new respect for good food. Man, I feel like I gained 30 pounds but it was worth it. On Sunday we visited Mommo and she put together a "quick and boring" lunch that included ham, friend chicken, corn, green beans, rolls, fruit salads, mashed potatoes, cookies and pecan pie. Yes, I had a piece of pecan pie. That stuff is magical. ANYWAY, we ate plenty of "quick and boring" meals that far surpassed the "exciting and time-consuming" meals at our house. I am going to learn to cook. I really am.

Lastly, I have a new respect for wireless cards. It's awesome to be able to play on the Internet while Dennis drives us home...through the snow and sleet.

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Katie said...

LOL. Love the Echo pic. I wish I have a wireless jealous. Miss you guys.