Thursday, December 4, 2008

And the excuses begin

Ok, first of all, my "e" key isn't really working. So you may notice that thy are missing from this post. Oh well. nough struggling with that stupid key.

Dennis has always been vry considrate and sweet but he has been especially protectiv of me sinc I've ben prgnant. At first, I kpt trying to resist and I would do everything that I had done prviously. But, you must embrac change, right?

I've mbraced it with a little bit of a twist. Possibly an evil twist. If Dnnis asks me to do somthing or if I ask him to do something and he doesn't want to do it (which is most of the time), I respond with, "you don't want to do [insert task here] and you'd prefer for your pregnant wife to do it instead?" I must admit that I'v gottn away with a lot mor than I evr could have bfore.

And ys, I'm going to get that damn key fixd. (That's my first cuss word on the blog! I feel that wird? Shit. Ass. Ok, I'm stopping now. Bitch. BYE!)


Katie said...

Glad you got the key fixed. Oh and the excuses can happen after the baby is born too: "Oh really, who carried and delivered your children? Ok, thanks...I knew you would not mind." Works wonders!!!!

Melissa said...

Agreed! Take all the help you can get - with every task you can think of! It is especially great to get him to make you a nightly bowl of ice cream!