Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Lane

In the 3+ years that we've lived on our street, the occupancy rate per house has grown significantly. There are 20 houses on our street. After we have our baby in May, there will be an additional 14 people on our street. I'm not referring to a bunch of renters moving into one house or anything like that, I'm referring simply to the number of BABIES. That's pretty freakin' insane if you think about it. That's an increase of almost 3/4 of a person per household (used my calculator on that one). Can you imagine having 3/4 of an extra person running around your home?

With the influx of babies on our street, we've also had more than our fair share of baby showers. A few pictures from Wendy's shower (at our house) are below. She is 33 weeks in this picture and her due date is early February but she probably won't make it that far. Lucky her: she may be able to participate in our monthly Wine Night sooner than we originally anticipated!

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