Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Great Weekend

How do you measure a fun weekend? Apparently you can measure a lifetime by the number of laughs, or the number of minutes...or something like that. While I may not know exactly how to measure a lifetime, I do know how I am going to measure a great weekend: by the number of times that I get to eat icing.

On Friday afternoon, Dennis asked what I wanted for dinner and my response was this: "Too bad they don't make ice cream WITH icing in it. That would definitely be my favorite. And it would be a top seller, I'm sure." He went to the grocery store to pick up a few things and brought home a container of Betty Crocker vanilla icing. Yesss. He is my favorite person in the world. We'll count that as serving number one.

Then, on Saturday, we went to Dennis' parents house to celebrate his mom's 60th birthday. It was a surprise party for her and she really enjoyed it. While I did really enjoy the company, what I enjoyed most was Stephens Cherry Loaf cake. AND THE ICING.

We were sent home with a few slices of the cake, so to start off the day in the most healthy way possible, Dennis and I each had a piece of cake for breakfast. We're up to 3 servings of icing already! This has to be a record!

You are never going to believe what I am about to say may want to sit down. We are going over to Trish's for a birthday celebration tonight and I know that she is an icing connoisseur, like me, so we are definitely going to get to have yet another serving of cake and ICING! I CAN'T WAIT!

Using this new (and incredibly scientific) methodology to measure "fun-ness", it is safe to say that we had an amazing weekend. Fo sheezy!

And, most importantly, this has to be a world record. Someone puhleez call the Guiness Book of World Records. Four servings of icing in one weekend.

I might have to take Monday off just to regroup from all of the excitement (and to recover from the inevitable sugar hangover).


Katie said...

Cooper says 4 servings in impressive however he KNOWS he can do better!

Hope you had a fun evening.

Trish said...

I have half a cake left with tons of icing, so if you are feeling you need to hit a week record, feel free to come by for more. I'll be enjoying it for the next few nights and would love to share! Thanks for coming over last night!