Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Friday.

This makes me think of how well my sister and I behaved (and still behave) together. It's an I-love-you-but-your-pain-is-hilarious clip.

Is it weird that Kelly and I would always say, "Dad and Mom are the King and Queen, I am the princess and you are bag of poop" to each other? Or maybe the weird part is that it would really hurt our feelings when we weren't the princess and were, instead, a bag of poop?

Whenever Kelly was trying to apologize for something, she would switch it around so that she was the bag of poop and I was the princess. We would make up immediately when I regained my proper title.


Dennis said...

hilarious. that kid sounds like forest gump

Kelly said...

your retarded. yes - i said it but I never meant it. you are and will always be the bag of shit...jokes