Friday, July 18, 2008

Echo's Modeling Debut

As y'all know, Echo has done some commercials for Staples but she has decided to dabble in the world of print, as well. She is really brining in the big bucks now.

We routinely take Echo to PetSmart when we are out of town or when she just needs to work off some extra energy. They have "doggy day camp" which is basically one room with a bunch of dogs in it and an employee or two with water guns to spray any dogs that act up.

We came home from Pawley's Island several weeks ago and a day or two after that, a litle surprise showed up in the mail. We got a picture of Echo and a frisbee. I think that the photo is cute (even though we don't condone dressing up dogs). Dennis pointed out that apparently once you spend a billion dollars at that store, they mail you a photo of your own pet and a frisbee.

I'm just not quite sure how they got her to sit still for the picture. That hand in back must be holding her pretty tightly.


Katie said...

She is adorable. That is so cute that they sent you a picture.

Emmy said...

Funny. I have thought about getting our pets on to Hallmark cards :)