Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy 12 months!

August 19th, 2012


Happy birthday to my sweet little one year old!  ONE ENTIRE YEAR.  I cannot believe that 12 months ago you joined our family....and I remember it as if it was yesterday.  Your Dad slept downstairs on the couch because the air conditioning wasn't working and I wasn't exactly the easiest person to sleep with at that point of the pregnancy.  I started to get these really painful, stabbing pains in my abdomen about 6am.  Your dad asked me if I was going into labor and if I was having contractions.  Of course, I told him, No way.  It's still three weeks early.  She isn't due for almost a month!  These pains ARE coming in about every 5 minutes, though.... Needless to say, we were on our way to Northside Hospital within the hour and you arrived before noon. 

As you've proven to us with your teething schedule, you do things on your own schedule.  When you want to do it, you'll make it happen.  Until then, though, I shouldn't waste my breath or my brain space on trying to coax you otherwise. 

I tried to think of a stronger word than LOVE for how you felt about your birthday cupcake but I think that is probably the best term for how you responded to the sweet goodness placed in front of you for the first time.  You were timid at first, but dove into the icing and cupcake after a little coaxing.  And, did I mention how adorable you looked in your little ladybug dress? 

As far as your activities go, you are always going somewhere.  Sitting still or even being held in the same position for more than 30 seconds just isn't acceptable.  You crawl everywhere and absolutely adore being walked around the house again and again and again.  Your steps have been more brave lately...we can get to you walk with only one hand in ours if we trick you and put your doggie ("dah-dah") in your other hand.

Apparently Mr. Ducky did something to upset you because you have completely written him off.  Your doggie has become the toy of choice.  Any time that you are upset, tired, or frustrated with your brother, Doggie saves the day.  You pull him up to your face and that left thumb is instantaneously in your mouth. 

Your smile, giggle, and your head shake (you always shake your head as if to say "no no no no") show your charming personality as it beams through.  Your eyes light up when you see your big brother and I hope that never goes away.  (Don't worry, I'm trying to teach him what the words 'gentle' and 'be easy with your sister' means.) 

I'm writing this to you a few days past your birthday and so I am happy to announce that I can feel your bottom two teeth cutting through.  As of the 12 month mark, you were all gums.  Soon that smile will have to two white surprises on the bottom. 

Happy birthday, Blake.  I hope you always know how much you are loved by everyone that meets you.  Your parents, grandparents, AK, Rick, great grandma's, and even your brother are wrapped around your little finger.  You've got us in the perfect spot to get everything you want in life. 

I look forward to the years to come but pray that they don't escape us too quickly!  I love having my sweet little girl around to cuddle with and to toss her Doggie out of her crib after nap or bedtime.

I love you!