Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Slow Death

I've neglected a lot of things since we decided to undertake a huge change:  uprooting our family and moving across town.  It sounded much more simple than it actually was.  Part of that, I imagine, had to do with the fact that we've never moved with children before.  And we'll never do it again, either. 

So it's been way too long.  Two months has to be a record.  And it's not one that I'm proud of.

We were members of the CrossFit Smyrna gym when we lived in Smyrna.  It was great.  Awesome people, tough-as-hell workouts, and it was 2 miles from our house.  So, I could roll out of bed and literally get the you-know-what kicked out of me at the gym 10 minutes later.  Now, I long for that feeling.  The I-Can't-Catch-My-Breath-Talk-To-Me-Later kind-of feeling.  I'm in withdrawl and it's not pretty.

I am begging someone to please open up a CrossFit near us.... possibly within just a few miles.  There is one CrossFit but it's close to 10 miles away and that just won't work with traffic, kids, work, and life.  We need something closer. 

Maybe I could get up and do my own CrossFit style workout?  It's possible...I just need Dennis to install a pull up bar downstairs.  I can follow these workouts and see what happens....  UGH!  So frustrated.  Any other suggestions?

I'm really begging you entrepreneurs out there...puh-leez open a CrossFit near us!  I know your two first customers already! 


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