Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy 8 Months

April 19th, 2012

Dear Blake,

This month has been an incredibly busy one for you.  BAM and Krissi are the usual suspects when it comes to loving on you during the week while we're at work.  In early April, your Nana & Papa came into town to take care of you and Connor for a few days while we went on vacation.  So, I know that I'm correct when I say that you are not hurting in the being-loved and being-spoiled department. 

You still smile all of the time. You love to giggle and laugh. You are starting to push up onto your knees in an attempt to learn to crawl.  You still don't have any teeth.

If I may make a request, there is one thing that I think we need to encourage you to PLEASE STOP. When you are really hungry or really tired, you just yell. No tears, no crying. Just yelling. Unfortunately I think that your dad and I are doing the precisely WRONG thing and are teaching you that the louder you yell, the more quickly we respond. 

One area in which I have seen some much needed (and much appreciated!) improvement is in the bathtub. Over the course of 3 or more weeks, you managed to poop in the bathtub every. single. night. It got to the point that it no longer phased Connor when I told him that bathtime was over and that we needed to get him out of the tub, pronto.  He would either ask if you pooped again or if he could see the poop.  I took your Nana's suggestion and took you out of the baby bathtub seat and instead put your little cheeks square on the bottom of the tub so that you had to sit up.  You must've been too relaxed when you were in the baby seat and by forcing some of your muscles to engage and hold you up, we have managed to keep your poop in check.  That is one phase that I'm glad to leave behind us. 

I cannot believe that we've had you for eight months.  You are a beautiful baby girl and make me smile a million times every day.  I love you, Sweet Cheeks McGee!

Thank you for being you.

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