Sunday, April 8, 2012

An eggstra special day

Happy Easter.  Wait, back up.  Let's start this over. 

Here's to wishing you and your family a very Hoppy Easter.  We are sending eggstra special thoughts your way. 

And yes, I wait all year to say those things.  They are part of who I am.  And I've been saying those awesome Easter terms for many years.  And, I'm sorry Dennis, but I plan to keep on keepin' on. 

The Easter egg hunt at Chastain Park was a lot of fun.  Blake didn't like being in her stroller because she wasn't able to see what was going on so I ended up pushing her stroller and carrying her most of the time.  Connor enjoyed playing on the playground and looking back, we probably should've practiced more with him on how to pick up the Easter eggs.  He knew how to do it but something about all of the other kids running and grabbing scared him.  After grabbing the first egg, he looked up and didn't see me immediately so he got upset.  He ran to me (a few people back, as I was carrying a 20 pound little girl) and I ended up carrying both of the kids for a few minutes.  Dennis was taking the photos from the opposite end of the egg hunt and quickly grabbed Connor so I wasn't carrying two of my favorite people at the same time. 

Even though you can't tell from these photos, the kids (Connor, Kahn, and Finley) had a fabulous time.  These photos look like Dennis said to them, "OK, get ready...and DON'T SMILE.  Don't even look at the camera.  Ok, perfect." 

And, if you are hungry, don't look at the next few photos.  We had a little too much fun with Twinkies, Oreos, ICING, pretzels, and Peeps.  Connor assembled these goodies and we delivered them to some of his neighbor friends this afternoon. 

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Mama Bear said...

Those are really cute! What a great idea!