Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Kelly turned 30 on Saturday.  Dennis turned 34 today.  Connor prepared a birthday message for each of them. 

I especially like the screen shot of Connor in the 2nd video clip. 

Dennis and I celebrated his birthday on Friday with a lunch (and margaritas!) at Dos Amigos.  Then we continued the birthday celebration last another mexican restaurant, Village Taqueria & Tequila Bar.  The margatini's there are fabulous. 

My parents traveled in from Missouri to see their two most favorite grandkids and to celebrate all of the birthdays with us this weekend.  On Saturday, my mom thought that it would be appropriate to make birthday cupcakes for Kelly and Dennis.  In most cases, it would be entirely appropriate and a perfect way to celebrate an important occasion. 

Connor was excited to help Nana cook.  His definition of "helping" is a little different than what I typically of think of when someone offers to help. 

Almost two dozen red velvet cupcakes had been poured into the cupcake pan and ... then it happened.  Connor pulled one dozen cupcakes down on top of himself.  Echo's dreams had just come true. 

Connor, on the other hand, screamed and cried.  He was completely devastated. 

The best part of the ordeal was that a cupcake landed square on his head.  He didn't realize it because he was too busy fussing about the red batter on his hands, his pants, and his shoes.  After he was undressed down to his diaper, we used a rag to wash his hair.  I wish I had been able to grab my camera because that moment was absolutely priceless.  Stressful at the time, yes, but imprinted in my memory forever. 

Blake was asleep so she missed out on the birthday cupcake chaos.  AK and Dennis were there, though, and were able to enjoy every minute of it so I guess that's really what matters.  I hope they both had a wonderful birthday celebration this year.  We love both of you very much!

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