Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy 5 Months

January 19, 2012

To my most sweet little girl,

Despite the cold that you've had the past few days, you are still all smiles.  It's amazing.  We've had extra opportunities to spend time together since you've been waking up multiple times each night.  When your dad and I come into your room in the middle of the night (rotating turns, of course) to comfort you and make sure that you are OK, you do your little dance and just smile as if to say, "Oh, hi!  It's such a nice surprise to see you.  So glad you just so happened to be awake right now with me.  Since you are here and awake, well, let's dance."

You and I went in to see the doctor yesterday to confirm that you don't have an ear infection.  The good news is that you were given a clean bill of health.  The not-good-but-not-necessarily-bad-news is that you weigh 18.5 pounds.  You are tall, though, too.  Twenty-five inches.  Instead of crying when you were placed on the scale, you giggled and made the nurses laugh along with you.  You are already a big flirt.  Maybe even a kiss up.  

We've ventured into the messy world of solid foods and it's quite the adventure.  You haven't turned anything down just yet and you seem to really enjoy your two servings a day of green beans, squash, apples, bananas, and even prunes.  

You and your big brother are so sweet together.  Several nights ago during bath time, Connor pretended to hit your leg.  For some reason, that made you laugh hysterically. And your giggle made him laugh. I sat next to both of you, laughing and crying because of how adorable the two of you are together. You just stared into each others eyes and laughed.  

Your hair is changing.  After being born with a full head of hair, it has become increasingly sparse as of late.  It's still there, yes, but from an aerial view, I would say that it looks more like a toupee than anything else.  And as your hair is growing back in, it looks like it may be a shade or two lighter. We'll see.  

Activity-wise, your fist love is the exersaucer.  You can roll over both ways but choose not to do so unless you are forced into it.  Or super tired of your current position.  Or if you are watching your brother and trying to catch up with him.

Happy five months.  It is amazing to me that we've had you this long.  It's been an incredibly fun journey so far and I know that we have so much to look forward to.  Your personality shows through more each day and I love the person that you are becoming.  Sweet, smiling, and definitely up to something. We are going to have to keep a close watch on you as you become more mobile...

I love you.


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