Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy 4 Months


Happy four months!  I am so glad that you've kept us for this long.  You entered into a world of chaos four months ago and things have not slowed down one bit since then.  Thank you for keeping us.  We're growing more and more fond of you each day. 

One word to describe you?  Smiles.  You smile at least 90 bagillion times a day.  You giggle when we change your clothes or I tickle your neck.  Your toes seem to be ticklish, too.  Your giggles aren't overly present and so I do try to get you to share them with us more often.  I mean, once a day is for sissies!  And your giggle makes me grin from ear to ear.

In-between smiles you will talk, gnaw on those hands, and sometime you'll even grab your tongue on accident.  I've tried to explain to you that your tongue is always there and it hurts if you pinch it with your fingernails but I'm not sure that you get it just yet.  You will get it, I have no doubt.  Just not yet.

You rolled over for the first time on December 10th.  After you did it you just looked at me as if to say, "yeah, so what?  That was easy.  I practice when y'all aren't looking.  I've got skills, Mama." 

If you don't count rolling over, eating solid foods for the first time (last night), playing in your exersaucer, and seeing Santa in Bryson City, you really haven't done much since last month.  I mean, seriously, Blake, let's get moving. 

You are so patient.  And quiet.  And perfect.  (And you are correct, I'm not biased at all.)  You really only fuss when you get tired.  And I say 'fuss' because it's not even a real cry, it's just sort-of a complaining noise that you make.  A few minutes of complaining often leads to us giving you your pacifier and then 5.....  4....  3....  2....  and you are out. 

Connor loves you so much and you seem to feel the same way towards him.  I realize that this may not always be the case but since you aren't that mobile (yet), your relationship seems to be on very good terms.  You look up at him with complete amazement and I am sort-of scared of what you could be learning from him.  I'm sure he'll teach you plenty of good things...but plenty of not-so-good things, too.  I love watching your relationship develop. 

Krissi and BAM take such great care of you during the week.  I am pretty sure that they both spoil you all day long but that's OK.  We won't hold that against them.

Your sleeping is still great, too.  We do need to buy a bigger swaddle blanket for you but otherwise you are out for the count after you eat around 9PM and then don't get up again until 7AM.  You take after me in that you really seem to appreciate those hours of beauty sleep.  We need to drop your last feeding but we haven't pushed ourselves to do that just yet... it's hard once we learned what it's like to sleep through the night again!

Blake, we love you! 



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