Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy 2 Months

October 17, 2011

Dear Blake,

This month has seen so many changes!  Not only are you showing us your big gummy grin on a more regular basis, but you are also sharing some incredibly sweet cooing noises.  As of a week ago, your dad pointed out that you were complaining most - well, let's be serious here, all - of the time.  Now you are showing him up and saying nice things to us, too, which is very much appreciated. 

You are holding your neck up so well.  No signs of crawling or walking yet, but I have this feeling that you are going to do everything very early.  Once you see realize that your big brother gets around so quickly because of how he uses his legs, I think you'll start to use your lower appendages for more than kicking the person nearest you.  No rush on that, though.  We can stick with kicking for now.

Holding you in my arms and having you fall asleep on my chest are two of my favorite things.  I know that I won't get to hold you that way forever;   I cherish every moment that I can steal you away from your swing or bouncy seat if you appear to be drifting off to sleep.  Those are moments that I wish I could bottle up and store for another time.  Oh, I just love it.  (And I'm getting tears in my eyes thinking that I probably won't be able to do that with you for that much longer.)

You and I decided to say "phooey" on breastfeeding.  When I say, "you and I", I mean "you".  Seven weeks was a good run for us; you much prefer the speed and ease of the bottle as opposed to the work required for breastfeeding.  You are much happier with a mixed bottle of breast milk and formula.  And I learned very quickly... when Blake's happy, we're ALL happy.  So we're doing great right now.

Sleeping is a work in progress.  Your dad will give you the last bottle of the day around 10pm and then he whisks you off to your crib to sleep.  Around 3am, I hear a familiar sound coming from your room (AKA a yell) and we have our bottle-feeding rendezvous and you are back off to sleep until about six am.  So, we're getting there... we're just not at the finish line quite yet.  I'm confident that you'll get there soon enough, though.  At least that is what I keep telling your dad and myself.  Please don't prove me wrong. 

Tomorrow, October 18th, will be your first airplane flight.  Kelly ("AK") and I are taking you to Columbia to meet your great grandma Loesing, great aunts and uncles and to see your Nana and Papa.  I doubt that your Nana and Papa will be able to sleep tonight because they are so excited to see you.  They still like us, sort-of, but they LOVE seeing you and Connor at every opportunity they get. 

I love you, Blake.  You make every day so much more special than I knew it could be.  Thank you for being you. 


Oh, and BTW - I realize that this is technically two days shy of your "2 month" birthday.  Being early is not something I do very often so we should enjoy it.  :)