Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's in a name

Picking out a name for our little girl was a much more simple process than it was when we chose Connor's name.  Everything seemed harder the first time.  Or maybe we just had more time and energy the first time we circled the moon.  Or perhaps we just fell upon the right choices sooner for baby #2. 

Connor's middle name is Dennis.  That was an easy one for us to choose because we wanted to follow what Dennis' dad, his dad's dad, (and so on) had done.  The fathers name becomes the son's middle name.  We went back and forth between several first names but came up with a reason why each one wouldn't work. We either knew someone (or someone's dog) with that name, remembered a booger picker at school with that name, or just plain didn't like the majority of the names on our short list after considering them for some time.  Except for Connor.  It was just right in every way.  And I couldn't imagine him with any other name.   

Sweet.  Meaningful.  Individual.  And perfect.  That's all we want for our little girls name.

With all of those requirements in place, we decided to name her Blake Elizabeth Martin.  The last name was the easiest to come up with.  It's nice having her name chosen and it's so much better to say, "Blake's room", or "Blake needs to hurry up and get here!" rather than "that-random-kid-in-my-belly needs to make her debut.  Duh."

The name "Blake" just came to us one day.  We tossed it around, talked about it, and after a few weeks decided that Blake is it.  Elizabeth, on the other hand, has more than one bagillion family ties.  Elizabeth Henrietta Coleman Peyton is Bettyann's mom (also known as Mema to Dennis).  My grandma on my mom's side is Elizabeth Earlene Schlotzhauer Loesing.  On my Dad's side, his mom's name was Margaret Elizabeth Aggeler Lang.  And her mom's name was Anna Elizabeth Stanfield Aggeler.  Now if Elizabeth isn't any obvious choice for Blake's middle name then I don't know what is.  It's very feminine and a strong compliment to her first name.

I'm in love with her already and cannot wait to meet Blake in 12 weeks!  Or a little less.  My c-section is scheduled for September 2nd so the countdown has officially begun...

I hope you like Blake's name as much as we do.  And, well, if you don't...then too bad for you. 


JJ said...

Krista! i LOVE the name!!

Katie said...

Settling on a name is always so fun. We love it. BTW, school cut of dates are Sept. 1st, so you may need to bribe your doctor to reschedule for 36 hours earlier so she can start Kindergarten a year earlier and save you some daycare money. ;) OR lunge your way through August and she will come when she wants.

Stacia said...

oh i love it!!! so beautiful! i know one other person who named their baby girl that, actually it's blakely but they call her blake. LOVE IT!