Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!


I cannot believe that you are two years old today.  The last two years have literally flown by.  I wish that there was a "pause" button that I could push so that we could stay here, in this place, for a while and enjoy it as long as possible.  I'm not sure that my energy level would be able to keep up at the pace you are running things these days but I would find a way to make it through if we could continue to have as much fun with you as we are having right now. 

You are 100% boy and love every opportunity that you have to run, jump, climb, or fall down.  "Nonnor", as you refer to yourself, is a very athletic little boy.  You enjoy kicking the soccer ball, hitting the ball off of the tee, and throwing the basketball (or anything, for that matter) through your basketball hoop.  You and Echo have become quite good buds but it is difficult when you play ball because you both want the ball in question in YOUR hands (paws) as quickly as possible.  She usually beats you to it but will grudgingly drop the ball for you to have when you come up to her. 

She gives you kisses on your face and you laugh and try to kiss or hug her back.  "Eh-ya", as you call her, will keep up with you as you sprint back and forth (and back and forth...and back and forth) through the foyer and living room. 

One of my most favorite things that you do is that you willingly give your Dad and me kisses - especially before bed.  You think that Eskimo Kisses are very funny and you usually follow up with a wet, sloppy kiss to the lips and then a tight hug around the neck.  Those are some of the perfect moments that I want to bottle up and store for a rainy day.  You are such a sweet little man. 

You are talking quite a bit these days.  Three-word sentences are not uncommon ("Eh-ya gone, walk", "Dada home, eh-ya, Mack (your favorite character from Cars)", "fast, mama fast") and when you say something, you mean it.  You know exactly what you want - and you usually wanted it yesterday. 

You graduated to the "Crabs" room several weeks ago even though children don't typically move up until their 2nd birthday.  We (the teachers, your Dad and me) decided that you needed to be moved up because you were definitely the Big Man on Campus and had the attitude to show for it in the Turtles Room where all of the kids were younger than you.  Well, younger and/or more passive than you.  When I'd peak in the window to see what you were doing before I picked you up at the end of the day, it was not a surprise to see all of the other kids along the walls and you running back and forth as quickly as you could with the shopping cart.  And you weren't stopping.  Not for anyone or anything.  Now that you are with kids that are bigger than you, you seem to behave a little more and it might be because they could beat you up instead of you beating them up. 

I am so happy that we were able to celebrate your birthday last weekend with Grandpa & BAM Martin, Nana & Papa Lang, and "AK" (and you called her by her name for the first time this past weekend!).  No surprise here, but you loved the attention and completely stole the show.  You had your first (of many, I'm sure) Cars cake and pulled the Mater and Lightning McQueen figurines off of the cake as soon as the cake was put in front of you. 

Connor, thank you for all of the smiles you have given me over the past two years.  I couldn't imagine a more perfect son and I am so thankful that I get to call you "mine" (one of your favorite words). 

I love you.




bam said...

I love your blog, and Connor is so lucky to have such a great Mom.

Kristi Gilbert said...

Happy Birthday big boy!!! Sorry I'm so late!! :( You're going to be a GREAT big brother!!! <3

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