Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thanks to a not-so-great deal

We did it. We ventured out and tried our first "kids night" for dinner. AND ... we survived. I'm impressed with us and suggest observing a moment of silence in honor of our achievement. Or, maybe just because this Mama needs a minute of silence.

Dennis purchased a "great deal" online for dinner at McCray's Tavern several weeks ago. It was marketed as "save $25 when you spend $50" so he scooped up the deal very quickly. Then we read the fine print. Alcohol not included. Two adult meals must be purchased for the certificate to be redeemed. It can't be used on Saturday nights. And you must be smoking crack if you think you can use the certificate on take-out.

We went to McCrays tonight, anyway. I mean, afterall, their Tuesday night Kids Night means movies on a big screen, Nickelodeon shows on alternate TV's, and a buffet filled with all types of goodies (pizza, chicken fingers, ice cream, veggies, french fries, hamburgers, etc.) for $1.50 for kids. Again, we were lured by the deal.

This time we weren't disappointed though. As we walked in to the designated 'kids area' in the back of the restaurant, all three of our jaws dropped to the floor. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that Dennis immediately recognized that Tangled was playing and then followed up with, "and it just came out today". Either way, we were all incredibly impressed with the set up.

I looked at Dennis as we pulled out the highchair for Connor and smiled. "This is the most awesome place. EVER." He agreed and smiled back at me. "We should come here every Tuesday."

Man-oh-man are things different than they were just a few years ago. Different, but better.

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Katie said...

Good for you! Get used to those family nights, we often find the places where kids eat free: Steak and Shake on the weekends.....hint hint. And WOW about Tangled. Did you see it in the theater? (Probably not) but it was AWESOME!