Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prescriptions gone wild

It feels like the last few months have been spent quarantined in our house, the Kroger pharmacy, the pediatricians office, or the after-hours children's clinic. I am so excited for our little man to get better. For good.

Since October, he has battled with what seems like non-stop ear infections, bronchitis, colds, and all types of other fun germs. His physician said that he has "childhood asthma", which makes sense when you look back at his sickness history. He typically gets a cold, then develops a cough and bronchitis several days later. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing Connor cough and cough and COUGH and then take such deep breaths just to breathe normally. It's frustrating, sad and scary but it's also very treatable and he'll hopefully outgrow it.

We have become best friends with the nebulizer (as has he) and when we approach him with a syringe filled with medication, he squirms to get away from the "may may". Luckily, I can still catch him.

Right now he's on albuterol, budesonide, Singulair, Augmentin, and oral prednisone. I think we'll be able to stop the prednisone tomorrow. I hope. And after several unsuccessful attempts at getting Connor to swallow the Singulair pill, we've given in to dissolving it in his milk. Hopefully that still counts as ingesting his medication because we haven't been very successful in "just putting it in his cheek so it dissolves and he swallows it", as the physician suggested.

Connor always, ALWAYS smiles and his sick or sad day means many fewer smiles. That's one of the biggest reasons we are looking forward to him regaining his normal, healthy, spunk. We've grown accustomed to those smiles and can't make it through the day without seeing one (or thirty) on his sweet little face.


Katie said...

Get well soon Connor. FYI, BOTH of my kids had similar issues: asthma when sick and they DID outgrow it! The nebulizer and inhalers used to go with us everywhere and now have only been out ONCE in a year. THere is hope. hang in there. HUGS! I KNOW you are tired!!!!!

NicolaT1965 said...

my 2 yr old is on Singulair and has been since he was about 6 months old, at first we had the granules in a sachet that we just mixed with a little yoghurt - can you get those in the States, when we couldnt get the sachets i would grind up the tablet into a spoonful of yoghurt and that worked too. Now he is being great and taking it and eating it !!! Good luck to you