Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Eggstra Special Easter

This Easter was eggstra special. My parents drove down on Friday afternoon and are staying with us until Wednesday morning. I will be so sad to see them leave but I have really enjoyed their visit. Connor has, too.

Against all odds, we hosted Easter lunch (Martins and Langs gone wild) at our house. Yup, we used our dining room table for the first time. AND we used our china for the first time. We were faaancy! With too much delicious food to consume and the margarita machine chugging along, we were all in good spirits. Plus, the Easter bunny brought Connor a baby pool all the way from Missouri. That's a long trip for a bunny!

Lucky for us (or maybe for Connor), he love, love, LOVED the baby pool. He played it in Saturday and Sunday and provided us with plenty of excitement. We were happy to be sitting on the patio, sipping our margaritas and letting our food digest as he splashed and played and kept us all - himself included - entertained.

I imagine our stove is pretty pissed at us right now because it has worked harder in the last few days than it has ever had to work. Seriously. I probably should give it a break and not cook for a few days. Or weeks, maybe. I am just thinking of what is best for the stove, of course. I'm always thinking about what's best for others...

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