Friday, March 26, 2010

A Proud Father

It's official: we are moving up in the world. Connor has his own shoes. No, I mean it... don't fall over with excitement or amazement... it's true.

When Nana (my mom) came into town early in March, we went to Nordstroms to find some shoes for Connor. Why Nordstroms? Not exactly sure, but they do have designated parking spots for people with small children, which is always a plus. And yes, Connor isn't exactly small, he is almost 22 pounds, but you know what I mean.

So, ANYWAY, we walked into the kids section and I was amazed at the cute clothes that they have for little ones. I didn't buy anything for him but OHMIGOD you could spend over $100 on an outfit! An outfit that will undoubtedly be worn only once, maybe twice, and have poop, spit-up, and drool all over it. $100 for that?

Back to the shoes. As you can see from the photos, Nana held Connor and helped him to have his feet measured. He is a size 5. Wearing a size 5 shoe at Connor's age is apparently unusual. He's 9 months old and a size 5 is usually worn by 18 month olds. We had to special order his shoes.

When I told Dennis that our son has huge feet, he smiled and said, "just like Daddy". I guess I'll eventually be immune to all of the penis jokes. I hope so, anyway, because I doubt they'll be subsiding anytime soon.

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