Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy 37 Weeks


You survived your first Valentines Day and made your dad's birthday this year extra special.

These past four weeks have been especially busy for all of us. First, you rolled over onto your stomach (on purpose!!) on January 24th. Your dad and I were especially proud of this skill because we were starting to wonder if your belly was too big and was preventing you from rolling over that way. But, you proved us wrong. You are a true athlete just like your parents. Whether or not your belly is too big, you still managed to roll over and stay on your stomach for a few minutes. And after a day or two of practicing that, you looked like a skilled super-star rolling front to back and back to front.

You can sit up on your own, now, too, and enjoy zooming around the house in your walker. It should be called your zoomster rather than your walker. You tend to bump into Echo when she isn't looking so she rarely stays on the floor anywhere near you. It's safest for her to lay on the couch or to watch you from a distance. Typically, she will run the other way when you are coming towards her.

I went to Orlando for a sales meeting for a few days and when I came home, you waved to me. And then you gave me a "high five". I was so impressed. Now you like to wave at the TV, at your dad, at Echo, at the wall... and you are narrowing in on being able to clap your hands together.

I savor every moment when you let me hold you close because your busy legs want to get down on the ground to explore as quickly as possible. Once you start crawling, I know that I will be able to hold you less and less. After all, it's not nearly as fun to have your mom hold you when you could open a cabinet, grab a purse off of the table, pull a plant down onto your head, or chase Echo around the house.

Connor, I love you!


P.S. There is NOTHING cuter than seeing you cuddle up with Mr. Bear and Mr. Bunny every night in your crib.


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Meimi said...

What a handsome little man!! My baby girl already has a crush on him ;)

Emmy said...

Look at his hair! I'm so jealous, Grady still does not have any :(! He is too cute for words.

FYI - my verification word today for posting this comment is coner. How fitting, HA!