Sunday, November 15, 2009


The simple mention of Mario Brothers conjurs up many emotions and memories for me. I am taken back to a dark time when Kelly and I pretty much locked ourselves in our unfinished basement and prayed (yes, we PRAYED) that we could pass one of the most difficult levels, Water World. It was so hard not to drown when you were being attacked from every angle!

Kelly and I were absolutely obsessed. And I have to admit that my dad was not far behind and he may have actually been the third victim to get sucked into this addictive game. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he played Nintendo after we went to bed.

I guess this is where I should say that you must thank God for unanswered prayers because Kelly and I never made it past stupid Water World. So, we obviously never beat the game. Pretty pathetic, I know. Pathetic that we prayed to pass Water World and pathetic that we couldn't beat it EVEN with the help of God.

I learned that there is a new Wii game coming out. Mario Brothers for Wii. Are you kidding me? Could there be anything more awesome? I am so excited and cannot wait to get it.

When I purchase it, it'll be for Connor, of course. I wouldn't buy something like this for me.


Meimi said...

I don't know if I should tell you this, because I don't want Connor to grow up neglected while his mom plays video games in the basement, but you can download all the old NES video games and play them on your Wii. Sorry Connor.

kelly said...

thats awesome...i want it!!!

Jenny said...

Ok, I've never been big on video games, but with a couple of bambinos on the way I'm thinking it might be a great way to entertain myself on Friday nights (the wine bar sure isn't in the picture any more). I'll be hitting you up for Wii recommendations if we end up getting something from Santa!