Monday, October 12, 2009


With all of the hoopla about the Nobel-piece-of-you-know-what-prize the past few days, I have had to step back and prevent my knee-jerk reaction to the nonsense. I wanted to spit, spew, puke, and rattle off some not-so-nice words like dumb, jerk, and stupid head butt face. Don't worry, I have regained my composure and won't write about any of that ridicilousness because I am not only mature but I am SO over all of that.

Or....maybe not.

So, here it goes ... While most of the educated crowd - those that don't just blindly believe what the media portrays to be true - recognized this award (The NPOYKWP) as the complete sham that it is when Al Gore won for his work on "global warming", I am a sure that there are a few people out there that still believe in the goodness behind this recognition.

If you still view this prize as being even slightly credible, Obama's nomination after a mere TWO WEEKS in office (do I need to say that again - - TWO WEEKS IN OFFICE) should prove otherwise. Or the fact that he has accomplished NOTHING since he took office should clue you in. But, hey, if that isn't proof enough for you, then that's OK because there is this bridge Ihat I'd like to sell to you...

The bumper sticker below perfectly summarizes the most recent shenanigans involving good ol' Barry:

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