Thursday, August 6, 2009

9 Weeks


It's unbelievable to me that you are now 9 weeks old. Time has truly flown by. I catch myself staring at you, looking at your little hands and your precious little features. You seem to be particularly interested in your own hands this week, too. I'm not sure anyone told you that those things were attached to your arms. My fault on that one. I'll make sure to point out every part of your body so that you won't be taken by surprise again. We can even talk about the chubby little rolls on your arms. And legs. And on your neck.

You are so incredibly expressive when you are asleep, awake and while we are immersed in deep conversations about how tall you will be, in which activities you will want to participate (you always say you want to skydive and ride motorcycles in our pretend conversations!) or when you and I discuss what we want your Dad to do (usually he is in the room at the time and typically picks up on the hint very quickly).

Echo has caught your attention several times and you are so good at watching her as she moves. But, I know it won't be long till you will be following her with more than your eyes. You two will be the best of friends. And don't worry - - I have given her a word of warning that you will get to the point where tugging, jumping, and pulling on her will be your way of saying that you love her. Right now, though, she can get away from you when she wants to. You don't seem to like it when she licks your face but I am sure it'll grow on you. Or you'll just learn to put up with it. If she isn't kissing you or trying to play with your toys on your activity mat, you can probably find her on the couch trying to get under a blanket. This typically happens when you are working on strengthening your vocal cords.

The Babywise approach is continuing to work for us. You do really well on a schedule (you are definitely your mothers son in that regard) and are eating every 3 hours. Sleep is really good in the evenings - your Dad feeds you with a bottle at 10pm and then everyone is awake for your next feeding at 7am. THANK YOU for continuing to sleep so much at night. Of course, there have been a few nights when you have fussed for a few minutes in your crib before the 7am wake up time. Echo's response is really cute: she is fast to run in there and check on things. I think she goes in to your room, looks at your crib, realizes that she can't help, and then comes back to bed. It's actually very sweet.

Your bouncer is now back in the living room after we banished it into the other room for a few weeks. You are big enough now (maybe 11 pounds?) that it actually bounces when you move. And you seem to enjoy it for at least a few minutes. Then your attention span wanes and we rotate to the activity mat, swing, or just go outside.

I could (obviously) go on and on about what you are and what you aren't doing. It's so fun and exciting because every day brings something new with you. The one thing that is the same every day, though, is that we fall more and more in love with you.

Connor, thank you for being you. We love you!!


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