Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My (latest) obsession

Have you ever gone to the Etsy website? If you haven't, you are in for a real treat when you check it out. The website is for everything custom made.

One of my neighbors, Tina, had some beautifully monogrammed burp cloths (too pretty to use) made for Connor from a seller on the website. And yes, Connor officially has several embroidered items (thanks to Katie, Sallie, Allie & Bettyann). Would you really expect anything less? And let me tell you, too, whomever picked out his name did a really great job because his initals lay out perfectly.

Dennis can attest to the fact that I spent several nights on the computer emailing back and forth with several of the sellers on the website about their products. I wanted some custom made letters and I had a vision in my head of a damask giraffe print. (Weird, I know, but I'm just blaming it on being pregnant.)

Just like I do at restaurants, I was asking for substitutions, different sizes, different colors...basically creating an entirely new product. While Dennis cringes when we go through a drive through and he simply orders a "number one" and then I take twenty minutes to order several items on the side, make a few substitutions, and basically guarantee that our meal will have some extra sauce (spit) in it ... I am thinking that his comfort level with all of my special requests for these artsy items for Connor is significantly higher. Maybe it has to do with the whole saliva-on-our-sandwiches-thing or the fact that he didn't have to witness all of the conversations that transpired via email.

I guess it doesn't matter because either way, we're very happy with how Connor's room looks so far.


Meimi said...

Echo is not going to know what to do once there is a baby in that room! It's super cute!

Krista said...

Meimi - we have your cute little "I ruff you" wall hanging on the wall too - - right above the light switch!

Katie said...

It looks sooooooo cute. I am so excited for you!