Sunday, March 8, 2009

In 13 Short Years

All I have to say is: WOW. Wow. Wow.

He's only 13 years old.

Please click here for his website.

He has my vote...but how old do you have to be to run for office?

I wonder if his parents played classical music for him when he was in the womb? Hmmm...Maybe Dennis and I should stop playing all the hard-core rap music for Connor. It's hard, though, because we love to have a dance party at our house EVERY NIGHT: just Dennis, me, and Echo. AND all of the Clubs. How could we live without going to the Juan-tweezy?


Dennis said...

He is impressive but he's also a dork. It's a good thing he's home schooled b/c he would definitely get beat up on the playground at school.

Emmy said...

Ha funny Dennis! Is this where life is headed? We are sooo busy now that we don't even have time for childhood?! This young adult trapped in a kids body really creeps me out. He is annoying and I don't want to hear or see anything about him until at the very least he can vote. GO AWAY! Go ride a bike for the love of god.