Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Dennis!

Apparently, August is the month when the most babies are born each year. I would've argued that there are definitely more people that have birthdays in February than any other month. But, my very unscientific method of just looking through my list of birthdays on my calendar may not yield the same results as surveying the general population.

Regardless of whether or not February is the most popular month to be born, I want to wish my favorite person in the whole world, DENNIS, a happy birthday today! For a look at what happened the year he was born (1978), please check out this link.

Stephen scanned this photo several months ago and I've been looking for the right opportunity to post it. Dennis is pictured above with Justin Massey (on the left) and Dave Akins (on the right). Dennis - what year was this?


Dennis said...

Thanks, Babe. I love ya. This was taken in 1995.

Meimi said...

Happy birthday, Dennis. Thank God you've finally grown into your hair.

Josh M. said...

I don't know. For Justin, this picture looks like it's from 1995. For Dennis, it looks circa-1983. For Dave, maybe about three weeks ago.

Josh M. said...

Oh, but 1995 does make sense. Because it's Dave hanging out with freakin' high school kids.

Dennis said...

ha. Dave is no dummy. He came back to go to prom w/ Lexie. Not a bad decision at all.

Thanks for the comment about the hair, Meimi. I think I'm gonna grow it out again and go for the same look.

Katie said...

Dennis, did your mom give you a bushy red wig for your 17th birthday?

Josh M. said...

"ha. Dave is no dummy. He came back to go to prom w/ Lexie. Not a bad decision at all."

So he got some, right? Right? Huh, Dave, didja get some?

Meanwhile, I was in Athens - living the PARTAY life. Which means probably at a damn Bible study.

Krista said...

were you and dave paging each other with "7-0" all weekend long? Maya, wasn't that the secret code for "i'm getting laid"?

maya said...

Yes, I believe the exact conversation went something like this:

Me: Seven-O? That is so gay.

Josh: No! Not "seven-o." It was 70. Just 70. 69+1. 70.

Me: Right. OK. That makes it a lot less gay.