Monday, August 18, 2008

Two and a Half (creepy?) Men

Does anyone else find the last 5 seconds of this theme song to be creepy? It kind-of ruins the whole thing. I guess that assumes that it is good to begin with...

With the plethora of great TV shows airing these days, Dennis and I have been reduced to watching shows like this. Awesome.


Josh M. said...

Wow, when you said it was creepy I thought they were going to lick the kid or something.

Justin TIVOs this show, by the way. Every night. I hear him laughing hysterically when he watches it.

I have yet to see an episode.

Krista said...

Does he really? Wow. Just wow. I hate to admit that it is actually pretty funny but only in times of desperation ... when nothing else is on the boob tube.

The whole morphing into a wierd looking teenager thing is pretty creepy to me. That (obviously) never happened to me, so it's weird to see it happen to someone. ;0

It's hard being perfect.

Josh M. said...

You know what? I didn't notice the morphing part the first time I watched it.

It is creepy. Especially because I'm pretty sure none of them are wearing pants.