Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where's the beef?

Josh saw my earlier post about how I need to learn to cook and he came up with a great idea. He suggested that Maya could probably teach me a thing or two (she is a Rachel Ray protege) and we could have fun at the same time. So, Maya picked out a recipe that looked fabulous and the planning began. I must admit, though, the rating of an "Intermediate" level of difficulty did make me a nervous. I started to think that she had more faith in me than was warranted.

In any event, Maya sent Josh to the grocery store and I picked up the stuff for a salad, garlic bread, and lots-o wine.

Around 7pm the cooking began. Maya made everything look so easy! I thanked her for bringing the chives and she laughed and said that they were actually parsley leaves, but I was welcome.

Half way through the preparations, Maya started rummaging through the grocery bags. "Where's the beef? Josh, you bought beef, right?"

"Yes, I mean, I thought that I did. Going to Publix right now." He was out the door and back within a few minutes and the festivities in the kitchen continued, uninterrupted.

Judging by the small amount of food that was left over, I think that it is fair to say that our cooking adventure was a success! I enjoyed it and I don't typically like Italian food!

Dennis was very impressed that the delicious food came out of the kitchen in our house. Now that I know how to cook (this recipe), Dennis is in store for a lot of Beef & Cheese Manicotti nights.

Maya - thanks for the cooking lesson!
Dave, Josh, Justin and Dennis - thanks for being the guinea pigs!


bam said...

You do have great friends! Krista, just wanted to let you know cooking is really overrated. But it is sorta necessary, don't worry about a thing, let Dennis get involved as much as possible, you two are doing just great in the kitchen, and your Mom would be so proud.

Josh M. said...

You know who else didn't like Italian food? Hitler.