Monday, July 7, 2008

The ticket of the century

In honor of Dave, who routinely posts a "Ticket of the Day", I am posting The Ticket of the Century. This movie ticket deserves this title because it was the first official date for Dennis and me.

Here is the story. We officially met several nights earlier when Phil invited me to join their gang for a night out on the town. We hit it off immediately and Dennis asked for my phone number.

Dennis called several days later and asked me to join him and a few of his friends for a movie on Sunday night. Of course I said "yes".

Dennis picked me up and we headed to the theatre to see "A Beautiful Mind". I was running a few minutes late because Niki and I were just getting back into town so we met up with Phil and Dave right after the previews started. I now know that the previews are one of the main reasons that Dennis likes to go to the movies. But, he didn't mention it that night.

I was incredibly excited to see him and thought that I was in heaven when Dennis held my hand during the movie. After the movie, I was sad (the day-after-Christmas-type-of-sad) because I was enjoying being with Dennis and his friends. I obviously did not want the night to end and Dennis did not either because he then asked me to go with them to Rio Bravo for a bite to eat. Of course, we had to eat! After we finished eating our mexican food, he asked if I wanted to watch another movie with them at their Dunwoody house. Yes - I would LOVE to watch another movie! Dennis now knows that I am not really a movie person. But, I didn't mention it that night. I was having too much fun to notice how ridicilously late we were going to be up together if we watched another movie.

While we were watching the 2nd movie (neither of us can recall the name of it) Dennis held my hand in front of all of his roommates. I tried really hard to contain my grin this time since we were all sitting in the living room but I'm sure that everyone could see how happy I was.

It was a late Sunday night for me but an even later Sunday night for Dennis because he drove me all the way across town and then he drove himself back to Dunwoody after the movies. It was a long night, but one of the best nights in my life.


Josh said...

So gay.

Mom to Cooper and Samantha said...

awwwwwww. I just have ONE question though: Where was I that night? Not invited???? Thanks Phil! LOL.

Meimi Hartman said...

That's is really cute and NOT gay, Krista. I don't think I have ever heard the story of how you two met. You forgot to include the part where Dennis dropped you off and you said, "Bye, Dennis. Peace in your butt."

Mom to Cooper and Samantha said...

Why did you write Dennis's name on the ticket? Did you write the names of all the guys you dated on tickets?????

Krista said...

ha ha ha. Yes, I had to do that so that I could keep track of who I went with for each date... Too many boys to keep up with! ha ha