Monday, July 14, 2008

Kenny Chesney Concert

10:00 am: While waiting for Rachel & Brian at the Ritz , Dennis gets a part-time gig as a parking lot attendant.

10:30 am: Enter first parking lot to find an awesome parking spot near the porta-pottie, a grassy area for the tent and Turner Field.

10:35 am: Set up tent. Starts to rain.

10:36 am: The Parking Lot Supervisor (PLS) came over to tell us that tents are not allowed on Turner lots. He cannot explain the "why" behind the policy, it just is the policy. He doesn't really look like the typical Kenny Chesney fan so it's probably safe to assume that he doesn't realize that tailgating with a tent is a key part of the Kenny Chesney concert experience. Kenny would not be happy about this.

10:37-11:00 am: Pretend to be reading the directions on how to take down the tent as PLS passes us and then open up some Smirnoff Ice Light's and Brian starts slicing a lime for his Corona. PLS returns and we decide that we need to find a new parking lot. Begin packing up the tent, table, etc. Rachel and I are really excited at this point.

11:00 am: We're officially the first people to enter this "gypsy" lot but they allow tents and are close to Turner Field, porta-potties, and plenty of grass. So, we're set. Unload car (again) and open another Smirnoff Ice Light. The rain is really coming down now. I thought that we were in a drought??

12:00 pm: Looks like it's clearing off. Look - you can see a little blue through the clouds, can't you? Brian pulls out his stereo and keeps the tunes going so we have some entertainment as we all huddle in the middle of the tent, drink, and dance (the bend-your-knees-and-sing-dance).
1:30 pm: The sun makes its first appearance of the day. Hooray! The people parked next to us pulled out their beer bong, Dennis & Brian start playing Corn Hole, and Rachel and I continue to entertain ourselves. It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day afterall! Karaeoke begins and Brian quickly takes the microphone.

2:00 pm: Ahh...another down pour. We scramble to put everything under the tent and in the car as the monsoon continues.

3:00 pm: Dance party in the next tent. We dance and enjoy the company of our new friends.

5:00 pm: Pack up and we're off to the concert! LeAnn Rimes has been performing for a while now.
5:15 pm: Stand in the first of many lines to get 4 beers for the great price of $28! We find our seats and then decide that we could probably get seats closer to the stage so we mosey down and see what we can find. We try to sneak onto the field and Rachel is the only one who was able to get past the guards. So, we end up sitting just a few rows back from the field which was still very close to the stage.

8:00 pm: We are enjoying ourselves (and the fact that it had finished raining) as we are getting ready for Kenny Chesney to take the stage. Brooks and Dunn were just about to wrap up. It's amazing how quickly the stadium is filling up now that the weather has improved.

9:00 pm: Kenny Chesney takes the stage! His performance is awesome! No Shirt. No Shoes. No problem. Rachel bought Brian these tickets for his 30th birthday. Judging by the pictures, it looks like Rachel got him a gift that he really enjoyed!

11:00 pm: Grab a cab outside the stadium and head home.

11:20 pm: Ask the cab driver to take us through Krystals on our way home.
11:30 pm: Cab driver drops us off, we devour our food and dive into bed.


Josh said...

Yes, Turner Field is notoriously a-holish about tents. We did a tailgate there a couple years ago, and were quickly accosted by a guard - who, yes, did not appear to be a Kenny Chesney fan either. We patiently told him that we were, in fact, TENT CITY, and that without tents we'd fail to exist. I mean, who wants to be just CITY, right? Right?! You feelin' me, dog?

He didn't care.

Mom to Cooper and Samantha said...

How fun! I was wasted reading that. We are going to the same show in Jax in August. Looking forward to it. Glad you had fun.

Dennis said...


I want to come to the show in Jax w/ y'all!!! how much fun would we have?

Meimi said...

Krista, I would never have pegged you for a cowboy hat wearin' Kenny Chesney fan.

Krista said...

Meimi - if I have a few drinks, it rains on my hair, and I have a few more drinks, I'll wear just about anything! ;)